The scope of the Center's activities is the creation, delivery and support of advanced technologies to diagnose working machines and constructions.

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D un D Centrs has developed a new high resolution approach to the diagnostics of rolling bearings for sophisticated machinery.

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The term diagnostics is often understood as a set of actions aimed at detecting hidden defects ...

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Vibropassport provides complete monitoring of the object and diagnostics of individual units.

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Main activity field of our center is in aviation, industry, transport, energy and others. DD Center possesses a wide range of competences in diagnostics of complex machines and constructions. Vibration-based diagnostics technologies developed by DD Center successfully adapt to the needs of aviation, transport, energy, construction and many other industries. Increasing reliability and reducing costs for our clients is a major motivation for the team of DD Center.


For modern problem solving our center uses the most pioneering methods in machine operation studies.


Main types of operational defects are simulated during units complex tests


Experiments validate adequacy of our diagnostic methods


Hi-tech signal processing methods provide high efficiency of measurements and analysis

The latest news

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Vibropassport™ trademark

D un D centrs has registered Vibropassport™ trademark ...
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Research of aircraft engine

D un D Centrs is providing research of aircraft engine components ...
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Finished researches

Our center has successfully finished researches No 1.26 “Advanced monitoring technologies ...
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