About the Center

The scope of the Center's activities is the creation, delivery and support of advanced technologies to diagnose working machines and structures. These technologies are developed on the basis of the results of long-term research (since the end of 1970s) and advanced measurement techniques, data transmission and processing. Our technologies are mostly used in aviation, where there is the greatest need for condition monitoring.

Terms Diagnostics and Design, reflected by the letters D in the name of our Center, show the specifics of our approach to diagnostics - close relationship between the vibration diagnostics methods and the design features of objects. This relationship is reflected in the fact that our data processing methods are based on physical models of the formation of vibrations, taking into account the structural and dynamic properties of the machine or structure. We obtain the information about the condition of objects from the dynamic component of physical signals that reflect mechanical, aerodynamic and other interactions. As such signals, we, first of all, use vibration and dynamic deformation.

The combination of industry-leading hardware components, advanced processing methods and the relative estimate scale is the basis for the Vibropassport of a particular type of machine or structure. Vibropassport provides complete monitoring of the entire object and diagnostics of its separate units and components. By means of Vibropassportit is possible to reliably predict the changes in the condition of the object, thus developing preconditions for the transition to the condition-based maintenance.


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