Vibration-Based diagnostics of Rotating Machines

Rotating machines are the systems in which the fixed parts interact with rotating ones. Examples of such machines are compressors, turbines, engines, wind turbine rotors, etc.

aircraft engine

Refusal or deviation from the design mode of operation of these machines could threaten the safety of people, lead to serious consequences in humanitarian and ecological spheres, and cause major financial loss. In this regard, continuous monitoring of their performance and diagnostics of the basic units are important parts of their technical operation systems. Some of the most critical parts in transport, power industry and other industries, are bearings, gearboxes and gears, blade units (compressors and turbines), combustion chambers, shafts and transmissions.


In 2014 39% of electricity in Denmark was produced by wind power. Total operating power of wind generators in the world are approximatelly 400 GW.